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    • 91st Oscars (Part 3)

      MY NOVEMBER PREDICTIONS BEST PICTURE 1. A Star is Born 2. Green Book 3. First Man 4. Roma 5. If Bea


      Best Picture · BlackKkKlansman · Green Book · The Favourite · First Man · If Beale Street Could Talk · Roma · A Star is Born · Vice

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      Started by:  DaKardii

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    • Best Supporting Actress 2019 Predictions (Part 2)

      Whelp, I'm certainly ready for literally almost anyone else to come shake up this race. In its curre


      Is it a stretch to still believe in Natalie Portman? She won't have hit any precursor, but you never know, it's a late release and there's no solid #5 altho I think both Foy and Robbie will become stronger after their very possible BAFTA noms.

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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    • 91st Oscars Best Original Song

      "Flower of the Universe", A Wrinkle in Time "Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)", Love, Simon "


      [quote quote=1202705416] That’s what I meant by name recognition so??? [/quote] Your exact words: "If it gets in it’ll be purely based on named recognition from KDot" - there are way more factors at play than that. A name-check vote would be D

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      Started by:  M

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    • Best Actor 2019 Predictions (Part 2)
      Harmon Van deth

      Christian Bale, Vice Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born Willem Dafoe, At Eternitys Gate Ryan Gosli


      [quote quote=1202704325] We’ll see after GG. Critics are not a reliable predictor this time around. GG loved Bohemian Rhapsody so possible Malek wins there and they loved Vice so Bale could still win there. And it’s not like Green Book has any be

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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    • Who Should Host the Oscars?

      Everyone will disagree but I want Wendy Williams to be the host.


      [quote quote=1202705417]John and Chrissy are so annoying to me. Not here for this. [/quote] Agreed. They work in small, pre-taped doses. Their cutesey, meta-schtick couldn’t carry the entire Oscar telecast. This show, despite how many people disa

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      Started by:  The2ndAvenger

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    • 91st Oscars Animated Short

      Here's what I've seen, in order of preference: AGE OF SAIL - A beautifully-rendered period sea adve


      I thank you for your awesome response. That makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not much of a movie buff, so I'm not familiar with the particular conceit as much. I understand your frustration better now.

      Started by:  Filmatelist

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    • Alfonso Cuarón's ROMA

      First teaser: http://twitter.com/alfonsocuaron/status/1022121194126958592


      Yeah, I don't know. Maybe it's the months of exhausting hype or obnoxious theater vs. home discourse, but I'm having a hard time feeling this one. It's strangely apolitical for a film that relies on racial/class dynamics and features a CIA-backed mas

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      Started by:  lovelylovely

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    • 2019 Best Actress Oscar Predictions (Part 8)

      We shouldn't actually cause this thread is toxic af. We shall rather patiently wait for the awards t

      SHT L

      [quote quote=1202705346] Isn’t it usually what happens ? Like CMBYN last year ? [/quote] Yep. My post is more about how studios and films lose their dignity by doing things for "strategy" just to win awards. I think it sort of undermines the artis

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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    • The Favourite

      This looks to be the main push from Fox Searchlight since it has the latest release date. The Old Ma


      This has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year since the trailer was released and it did not disappoint. Colman and Weisz deserve Oscars. Stone was also great. The material was so damn biting and funny; not a single joke missed my theate

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      Started by:  Macca

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