‘The Voice’: Top 25 sexiest male artists ever, ranked worst to best, include Bryan Bautista, Nick Hagelin, Chris Blue

After 15 seasons of “The Voice” on NBC, let’s steam things up with the heat provided by the Top 25 sexiest male artists ever in the history of the Emmy-winning reality program. While we love all the voices that have graced the stage, something we appreciate just as much as viewers is the charisma and confidence that makes each of the artists sexy in their own right. Not included are such coaches as Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Usher.

Check out the photo gallery to see the 25 sexiest male artists who have advanced to the live playoffs in “The Voice” history. Agree or disagree with our choices? Be sure to add your own picks to the comments section!

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25. Daniel Passino (Season 10)
Daniel is one of the more shy artists on this list, but it’s the quiet confidence and smooth, soothing voice matched with that shyness that make him the most romantic entry. Daniel is the type of guy you bring home to your parents because he’s sure to win them over and in many ways that kind of comfort creates its own air of sexiness.

24. Rayshun LaMarr (Season 14)
With one of the biggest voices of his season, Rayshun took us to church each and every time he took the stage. Between his mind-boggling vocal runs and his passionate ad libs we’re just waiting for the day he takes us to church for our wedding.

23. Mitchell Lee (Season 13)
Mitchell is the kind of guy that makes you pinch yourself to verify whether you’re dreaming or not. He’s almost too perfect, right? But your mom loves him and all your friends are jealous he’s singing to you instead of them. He also seems like he’d cry on your shoulder and sometimes that’s hot, too!

22. Mark Hood (Season 9)
With a gritty texture and unbelievable high register, Mark fuses soul, jazz and urban contemporary music into one passionate new style. Mark gave it everything he had in each performance showing a dedication and commitment to his craft that is nothing if not also sexy.

21. Tyke James (Season 15)
There are people who like long walks on the beach and then there are people who just want to sit on the beach while Tyke plays them his guitar for all eternity. We’re not ashamed to tell you we’re firmly in the second group.

20. Funsho (Season 15)
Usually the guys of “The Voice” win our hearts when they show a little tenderness on a ballad, but Funsho’s blind auditon of “Finesse” was a lesson in how to take us straight from the dancefloor to the bedroom! We’d love to discuss his cover of “Earned It” too but we haven’t fully recovered from that one yet.

19. Brendan Fletcher (Season 11)
Though he started out a little shaky and nervous in his blind audition, Brendan headed into the live shows with a newfound confidence that really looked good on him. A genuinely timid temperament looks good on very few guys, but Brendan wears it well and that makes him all the more sweeter to the eye and ear.

18. Chris Mann (Season 2)
It doesn’t take a sexy song to make an artist sexy. Chris showed that a big voice on a heartfelt power ballad is as swoon-inducing as anything else. Don’t believe me? Ask queen of sex appeal Christina Aguilera who coached him to a 4th place finish.

17. Pryor Baird (Season 14)
Did you ever think a man in 2018 would make a Bob Seger or Eric Clapton song sexy? Yeah, we didn’t either, but Pryor did just that in season 14 and now we’ve been listening to 70s rock ever since. We’d love for him to sing at our wedding, but he’ll be too busy being our husband!

16. Adam Wakefield (Season 10)
Adam has the big, country rock type of voice that fills arenas with adoring fans, but still has the ability to slow it down and make those same roaring crowds sway in unison. That’s the kind of natural appeal and charisma that differentiates a frontman from a backup singer and a star from just another musician.

15. Mark Isaiah (Season 12)
It’s no surprise that the youngest guy on our list is the one who’s style most closely resembled that of the artists he covered. In one performance he could be the boyfriend of our dreams like Harry Styles or the one bound to break our hearts like Zayn. And guess what—we’re not mad at it.

14. Barrett Baber (Season 9)
Barrett is the ultimate dad. Of all the male artists on this list, Barrett exemplifies what it means to be cool, calm and collected. As a father and teacher he exudes a sense leadership and authority that makes you feel protected and adored. And that’s sexy, right?

13. Matthew Schuler (Season 5)
With one of the biggest and brightest smiles in “The Voice” history, Matthew wins the contest for how unbelievably attractive genuine happiness can be. And as if that wasn’t enough, Matthew’s versatile voice allowed for his performances to resonate with audiences on a variety of levels.

12. Curtis Grimes (Season 1)
Though he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, he was one of the last men standing in the show’s inaugural season that saw Javier Colon win over the seven women that bested Curtis’ placement. His traditional country crooning style, complete with guitar, cowboy hat and boots, is one we’ve seen every season since making him the original country artist hunk.

11. Terrence Cunningham (Season 14)
Terrence won us over when he earned one of the quickest blind audition four chair turns in “The Voice” history with his lullaby rendition of “My Girl.” His ad libs are passionately delivered, but honestly who can resist the way he works his hands over the keyboard? So smooth.

10. Chris Jamison (Season 7)
Was it his performance of “When I Was Your Man,” “Cry Me a River” or “Sugar” that made you swoon for Chris Jamison? No matter the mood of the song, Chris was always flirtatious in his delivery, wooing an adoring audience with every note.

9. Austin Giorgio (Season 14)
The way Austin inhabited the essence and soul of crooners like Frank Sinatra with such effortless confidence that it seems like each of his throwbacks made us throw our backs out. He makes us long for the simpler romances of the 1940s, doesn’t he?

8. Chris Blue (Season 12)
It wasn’t hard to begin predicting Chris as the likely winner of season 12 after his animated and dynamic blind audition to “Tracks of My Tears.” The magic that Chris brings to the stage in his performances is out of this world, but his huge smile brightens up the room.

7. Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7)
When you imagine what a classic country star looks like, season 7 winner Craig is likely to closely fit that image. He has the long, gently-waved hair, tight pants with boots and typically dons a leather jacket. I’d call his style “She thinks my tractor’s sexy” where tractor is a metaphor for his arms bulging out of the sleeves of his t-shirt.

6. Josh Gallagher (Season 11)
Josh Gallagher has the best beard to ever grace “The Voice” stage — it’s full, thick and looks softer than a teddy bear. Pair it with his signature black baseball cap and a leather jacket and you got the best dive bar date you could ever dream about.

5. Jermaine Paul (Season 2)
Jermaine proves that fronting an upbeat group rendition of “I Want You Back” can be just as sexy as a deeply felt solo performance of “I Believe I Can Fly.” His unwavering sex appeal and undeniable talent helped him coast to victory in the second season.

4. Matt McAndrew (Season 7)
Glasses. Tats. Tousled hair. Neckties. Collared-shirts buttoned to the top. Matt brought everything to the table and showed that a guy can be both hip and nerdy at the same time and exude undeniable sex appeal in that contrast.

3. Dylan Hartigan (Season 14)
There’s nothing quite like a dark haired Jersey boy with a bit of scruff on his chin, but it’s actually Dylan’s broadly-stroked eyebrows that really make us swoon. His bad boy next door folk rock serenades aren’t too shabby either!

2. Nick Hagelin (Season 10)
The closest thing “The Voice” has come to producing a Justin Timberlake-esque contestant, Nick brings the pop vocalist swagger that JT popularized in the 2000s. It’s an easy one to call when you remember how defined his muscles were even through the sweaters and tuxedo jackets he often performed in.

1. Bryan Bautista (Season 10)
Nothing will ever drown out Bryan’s crushingly gorgeous rendition of “Promise” in both English and Spanish. This is the kind of guy you want singing to you on bended knee right before he proposes to you. He could sing a phone book to you and you’d melt at his feet—he’s that naturally sexy.

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