‘The Voice’ power rankings: Top 10 artists from best to worst for Season 15

After Tuesday night’s live elimination of Lynnea Moorer, the Top 10 artists are left to compete for the Season 15 title on “The Voice.” Coach Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have their all-female teams of three and two, respectively, both poised to put forward a potential winner while Blake Shelton‘s three guys hope to buck that trend of female champions. Adam Levine managed to hang on to his three artists, including DeAndre Nico who earned the Instant Save and Reagan Strange who lead the pack in Apple Music streams for the second week in a row.

Next Monday, December 3, “The Voice” Top 10 will once again perform for audience votes. On Tuesday, eight artists will be automatically declared safe based on votes and downloads while the other two will compete for the Instant Save by singing another song for a chance at being saved by live Twitter vote.

Below we rank the 10 artists based on our impressions of their performances so far this season as well as the likelihood that they’ll be one of only four to make it to the season finale. Each coach’s team is led by a clear front-runner, but all four coaches rarely send an artist each to the finale. So how will this season shake down now that we’re in the final stretch of the competition?

See our ranking below, then let us know in the comments if you think we’re calling this race correctly!

1. Reagan Strange – Team Adam
(Blinds: “Meant to Be”; Battle: “Photograph”; Knockout: “Dancing on My Own”; Playoffs: “Worth It”; Top 13: “You Say”; Top 11: “Complicated”)
For the second week in a row Reagan beat out her competition in Apple Music streams to earn a 5x multiplier to her streaming votes. If you ask me she had an off-week in the Top 11 with “Complicated” and for a split second while making my predictions I considered the possibility that she might slip into the bottom three, but that her Strangers fan base still rocked the vote speaks very highly of her longevity. There’s no doubt about it that she’ll be in the finale and is not only Adam’s best chance at adding a trophy to his mantle, but also the season’s artist to beat.

2. Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer
(Blinds: “Turning Tables”; Battle: “Battlefield”; Knockout: “What About Us”; Playoffs: “Halo”; Top 13: “Wind Beneath My Wings”; Top 11: “Greatest Love of All”)
Kennedy had the undeniable star-making performance of the season with the Whitney classic and honestly should win the show. I’m surprised she didn’t snatch the streaming bonus from Reagan this week, but perhaps that shows her vulnerability. Otherwise, she has been improving vocally each week and is without a doubt ready to start a huge, huge career in music. I get the feeling that Jennifer’s going to want Kennedy to show a “more fun” side soon, which means an uptempo song and sometimes that can be a mistake. We’ll see if Kennedy is willing to step away from her successful run of ballads though.

3. Kirk Jay – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Bless the Broken Road”; Battle: “Let It Rain”; Knockout: “In Case You Didn’t Know”; Playoffs: “One More Day”; Top 13: “I’m Already There”; Top 11: “Body Like a Back Road”)
I was shocked this week that Kirk wasn’t one of the first artists that Carson declared safe, but it could be because he took a dip in support after performing an uptempo track. He has the voice to give us quality vocals each week and that’s what we always want to hear. Of course it’s nice to know that he’s going to be a dynamic country artist after the show, but votes are earned by explosive vocals. Kirk is certainly a contender for the win and is the only male left that can actually win this season.

4. MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer
(Blinds: “Big White Room”; Battle: “Always Be My Baby”; Knockout: “How Deep Is Your Love”; Playoffs: “I Believe in You and Me”; Top 13: “I Am Changing”; Top 11: “Emotions”)
I’m gonna throw it out there that MaKenzie is the dark horse contender in the competition right now. She has taken on songs by some of music’s biggest vocal powerhouses–we’re talking Mariah, Whitney, Jennifer, Beyonce–and nailed every single one of them. She sounded so much like Beyonce on “Emotions” and delivered such an effortless and flawless vocal that I felt like I was knocked out of my chair. I’ve been pretty lukewarm on her all season, but I am really coming around to her and think that if she continues to impress that she’ll slide right into the finale, likely stealing a spot Team Kelly was hoping to get and giving JHud Productions two chances at the title.

5. Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “Run to You”; Battle: “Mercy”; Knockout: “The Middle”; Playoffs: “Radioactive”; Top 13: “Diamonds”; Top 11: “Break Every Chain”)
Kymberli had her best performance of the season in the Top 11 so she’s certainly headed into the Top 10 with the potential of reaching the finale. That being said, some of her early performances relied too heavily on runs and I think the audience had a hard time connecting with her. What remains to be seen is whether or not she can build upon the moment she had this week and has enough time to resonate with the voters in such a way that can crack a solid top four.

6. Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “If I Die Young”; Battle: “You Look So Good in Love”; Knockout: “Travelin’ Solider”; Playoffs: “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)”; Top 13: “Little White Church”; Top 11: “Space Cowboy”)
Despite being close to singing for the Instant Save this week, Chevel should be in safe position to make it through another elimination. As the only pure country female artist left in the competition she has an entire block of voters locked in her favor. I think taking on Kacey Musgraves was a really good moment for her because that’s the type of youthful country music she’ll be primed to make on her own. If she can stay on that path, but perhaps get a song that shows off her vocal prowess a bit better then she can reclaim her spot near the top. Unfortunately she did show a bit of a weakness this week and so I no longer have faith that she has frontrunner status going for her.

7. DeAndre Nico – Team Adam
(Blinds: “When I Was Your Man”‘ Battle: “Can You Stand the Rain”; Knockout: “Wanted”; Playoffs: “Ordinary People”; Top 13: “I Can Only Imagine”; Top 11: “Cry for You”)
DeAndre’s performance of “Take Me to the King” to earn Tuesday’s Instant Save was his breakthrough moment of the season. That performance rocked the house and handily defeated Lynnea who herself had steamrolled for the Save the previous week. Unfortunately the Top 11 performance was just a dip in DeAndre’s otherwise perfect rollout of performances, but if he capitalizes on the energy and spirit of Tuesday’s show then he can make a late surge worthy of a spot in the finale.

8. Chris Kroeze – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Pride and Joy”; Battle: “Back in the High Life Again”; Knockout: “Burning House”; Playoffs: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”; Top 13: “Let It Be”; Top 11: “Long Train Runnin'”)
There hasn’t really been a weakness in Chris’ run on the show yet, and I suspect he’s much more popular than he appears to be. His downfall will be that this is quickly becoming a female-focused season and it seems like the audience is thirsty to crown another female winner. To improve his spot in the competition he’ll have to break free from the consistency and deliver something more surprising.

9. Sarah Grace – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “Ball and Chain”; Battle: “No Roots”; Knockout: “I’d Rather Go Blind”; Playoffs: “When Something Is Wrong with My Baby”; Top 13: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”; Top 11: “Dog Days Are Over”)
Sarah is one of the most uneven artists in the Top 10 and I’m never confident that she’s going to deliver a good performance. That being said, she usually does! Her downfall is that both Chevel and Reagan are comparable artists, on some level, and are performing much better than her each week. She definitely has what it takes to advance to the next round, but I think chances are pretty high she’ll be singing for the Instant Save next week.

10. Dave Fenley – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Help Me Hold On”; Battle: “I’m a One-Woman Man”; Knockout: “Stuck on You”; Top 13: “Hard to Love”; Top 11: “Use Me”)
Honestly, I can’t even take Dave seriously anymore. His performance in the Top 11 was so incredibly weak and deserving of going home on its own, but then he answered Carson’s question to him on Tuesday’s results show with a really lame joke as if he’s not even taking the competition seriously. So, I’m just completely checked out when it comes to him. If I’m ever going to rank him anywhere other than the bottom he’ll need to pull out a showstopping performance that changes my mind–I’m thinking something like a humongous rock power vocal by like Meatloaf. But is he even capable of that? Spoiler: no, he’s not.

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