‘Survivor’ 37 Final 8 power rankings: Davie, Gabby, Mike and Angelina are the 4 castaways that WON’T win

Following Wednesay’s double episode of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” only eight players are left in the running to win the million dollar prize. While it’s still anyone’s game, some castaways seemingly have a worse shot than others. Below are my picks for the four I believe don’t have a path to the win, with a brief assessment as to why.

Among them are two of the Davids, Davie Rickenbacker and Gabby Pascuzzi, who have mostly taken a back seat compared to their more controlling peers and two of the Goliaths, Mike White and Angelina Keeley, who have been used by both sides as a key number in recent votes.

Agree or disagree with my power rankings? Comment with your own below and be sure to sound off about what I’m wrong about!

Davie Rickenbacker

Of the four I have at the bottom of my power rankings this week, Davie is the one I’m the least confident in placing because I do think he’s low enough on the radar that he could squeeze into the finale. But for the most part he’s been sidelined this season, both by the editors and his teammates, aside from his cool use of his idol on Christian to help send John home in a huge blindside. Sadly for Davie, even if he makes it to the finale his use of the idol is going to pale in comparison to the one-two punch of the vote steal and idol nullifier that sent Dan home a week later and then, of course, both Nick and Christian still have idols of their own to use. With so many advantages in play, Davie’s move is just one of many and is hardly going to earn him enough respect to win. There’s also the fact that of all the Davids left in the game he’s the one that’s made the fewest connections with the Goliaths who will make up a majority of his potential jury. Against any other David, Davie will lose.

Gabby Pascuzzi 

I’ve considered Gabby the likeliest “goat” player all season, assuming she’d be strung along to the final tribal council by Christian and Nick as a player that they could easily beat. The problem with that is now Gabby thinks she’s made some big moves and with her nemesis Carl out of the picture it looks like she’s going to become the new godparent of the beach. If she actually does attempt a move on Christian next week, using Alison and Kara as her minions, then she’s going to show the guys that she’s becoming too dangerous. Even if that play doesn’t pan out, I fear that Gabby’s game is going to be minimized by the jury as “too emotional,” a criticism that unfortunately befalls way too many female finalists on “Survivor.” Yes, Gabby has been distraught almost every episode this season, but she has been a formidable opponent for some big players and has set herself up (via the Alison side-alliance) well for her supposed move against the other Davids. But for that move to actually work in her favor it has to pan out and, sorry, I just don’t think it will.

Angelina Keeley 

It’s true. Angelina Jacketborn, Queen of the Scandals, Mother of Negotiators and Breaker of Tribal Lines has no chance at winning this game. It’s sad, I know, but realistically I can’t think of a single person on the jury that is going to think she’s deserving now that she’s been completely undermined every week since the merge. This week she made her biggest move yet, the one she thought would secure her resume for the finale, by jumping from the Goliaths to vote with the Davids to take out Alison. Well, she jumped ship to an alliance that didn’t win the vote and is now in the minority. Honestly, the best we can hope for is that Angelina will be cast in a future season as the All Star she is and come back warmed by her own jacket and ready to avenge her name.

Mike White 

As hopeless as Angelina’s plight is, I think Mike’s is even more hopeless. After beginning the season with a ton of promise, Mike’s fatal move (moves, really) was ditching the Strike Force alliance and convincing the other Goliaths to remain Goliath-strong for too long. Overall, Mike has failed to make any significant moves of his own and his latest, the decision to vote Carl out instead of Alison, is hardly a “move” when you consider that he chose to vote out the David, which he’s been doing all along anyway. At this point, Mike is the perfect goat to drag to the final tribal council, not Gabby, and perhaps Christian and/or Nick will pick up on this next week.

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